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SUNDAY MARCH 12th - Philadelphia, PA

@ First Unitarian Church (22nd & Chestnut Sts.) opening for The Loved Ones & None More Black
This is a RECORD RELEASE SHOW for Armalite and The Loved Ones! (though the Armalite record comes out on Feb. 14th.  We are slow.).  Click here for information.



Armalite's 11 song CD & LP will be out on No Idea Records on February 14th, 2006.

Go here for information:



Armalite has a My Space Page


Click to download an MP3 of 'Entitled' or 'I am A Pancreas (I Seek To Understand Me...)' from the record. 




Here is what we look like playing.  Please note that these pictures are not drawn to scale, and Mike is not one who owns a much smaller head than the rest of us.:

    Mike                                 Dan                                  Jeff                                  Adumb.

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