Go! Kevin Burke in Palmer Flash makes video neat. Scott in Athens, GA is nice Boston... Wicked. Scott Beacher and Scott Eustice are friends.
Go! Koo's! Scott in Athens, GA is nice Scallen... Wicked. Simon's Rock College has no TV.

There will be a CD, including a bonus DVD of the last Atom and His Package show released on Hopeless Records on April 6th, 2004 called Atom and His Package 'Hair: Debatable'. On the bonus DVD will be the show in its entirety, documentaries and videos. I think it turned out really well. It will be available for preorder here on March 23rd, 2004.

The folks who play in the band Fred's Fear covered the Atom and His Package song 'Upside Down From Here'. I think it's pretty rockin'. Feel free to check it out at: http://www.purevolume.com/fredsfear/music

I played this great show in Greensboro, NC. I was sick as hell, but the people at the show made it amazing. Apparently, before the show, the below flier was handed out to everyone in attendence (except for me of course). It was truly awesome. For the first half of the set, I had no idea what the hell was going on. Everyone was yelling at me in sync, at what seemed like random parts of the set. It was truly awesome and hilarious. As corny, as this sounds, it's great to see the audience take initiative to make a show fun. I love punk rock.

Yell at Atom.

Maximum Rock N' Roll reviews the "Atom and His Rockage" EP. The reviewer liked the EP of me and some friends doing rock versions of older Atom and His Package songs with "real" instruments. It's all in the timbre I guess. Atom, His Package and the Packettes play wedding and win!!!

Atom declares war on Jimmy Eat World!
Here is an excerpt from a Jimmy Eat World interview that appeared in Muddle Magazine:
hee hee
Ohhhhh… they're so dead. And they suck.
Entroducing the Packettes!
It was ineveitable. Atom and his Package, for a period of time had back up singers and dancers! They will be performing at select Atom and His Package shows, weddings and birthday parties. Keep an eye out for them! They are Carly, Jenny, Ali, and sometimes Mary. Carly Packette is much like the Rza is to the Wu-Tang Clan. She devises the plans of the Packettes, gets them to and from their posh dance studio in Old City, Philadelphia, and all the while, avoids getting eye cysts. Ali Packette looks tough, and dances tougher. She provides the "nose to the grind" attitude for the packettes and keeps the other Packettes dancing through their infamous 6 hour long practices. Jenny Packette provides the mysterious, dark side, of the Packettes. Her date of birth, and country of origin are unknown. We only are aware that she had entered the world of dancing through the movie "Breakin'". Perhaps if we're lucky, we can persuade her into demonstrating some "Electric Boogaloo". Mary kicks your ass.
pretty cute, huh?
Yup, that's right. The people from Maximum Rock N' Roll have decided that they will not run ads for any Atom and His Package Records, nor review them because they "do not fall within the area of music" they cover. Please don't be mean to these folks. I understand their policy and actually think that it makes sense. I just like to whine about stuff. waaah. --- Atom.

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