Funny/Interesting Stuff I got in the mail!
Phil is sweet
bunny, pee wee, garbage bags

Needless to say, the tee shirt and stickers were sent out the next day.

and my heart stopped for a second... where's the package right now?

A picture of a checkerboard a fellow made to play me at an upcoming show. I have played him once before, and won. Yunga!

letter to package
Go check out the funny lyric misinterpretations that people have sent
me by clicking
Someone wrote me a letter and asked me if I
got fat on purpose just to be funny.
Another person wrote me a letter comparing me to
Ani DiFranco because one, I have lots of pictures of
myself in my records, and two, I am not a pretty girl.
Here's a letter I received telling me I've wronged Slayer by
singing the line, "Oh, I wish everyone in heavy metal would be
homosexual, if not only to make those nazi fxxkin prxcks in Slayer,
a little uncomfortable
" in a song called Hats Off to Halford
that appears on the new Behold, I Shall Do a New Thing 7"
BLAKE, Hello. Thanks for at least showing the interest in what I do to write. Okay, the problem you have with
the song "Hats Off to Halford" is that I say the "nazi fxxking pricks in Slayer" and label them as being homophobic.
1. Yes, I know that Slayer have denied being Nazis and all that stuff after they wrote Angel of Death
about nazi experimenter Dr. Mengele. Now, a disclaimer on their record, stating that they have no prejudices
about race, sex, religion etc. is a nice gesture but, ever think that they might be forced to put that on by the record
company, so that people will still buy their records?? There are a fair number of people who would NOT buy their
records, if they were admitting to being dummies (racist etc.). 2. I have a heavy metal magazine that I got in France a long time ago with an interview with Slayer, in which
a picture is featured with Kerry King sporting a big ol' swastika on his guitar. I have enclosed a photocopy of it in this
envelope (at the bottom of the page, web viewers).
Also, on Jeff Hanneman's guitar, I've seen "SS" stickers, and have read that he even sports stickers
of concentration camp victims on his guitar (pretty weird that he also sports a Dead Kennedys stickerů hmmm).
Now, I know that Tom Araya is from Chile and all that stuff and I really doubt that Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman
are really nazis. I'm sure it's all about coming off as evil. Nazism is a pretty evil thing to most, and lots of metal
bands use nazi symbolism to appear evil and all that stuff, without really wanting to cleanse the earth of non-whites, but
because it's badass in terms of image, know what I mean? So, even though I doubt that Slayer has any sort of
nazi agenda, I still think it's stupid that they have swastikas on their guitars and all the rest of the above. So, I
think the above actions of Slayer are enough to warrant me making fun of them in a silly song and calling them
"nazi fxxking prxcks". I mean Slayer may not be real nazis, but I think all this stuff is enough to convince me that
they would be a "little uncomfortable" surrounded by homosexuals.
Thanks for writing a polite letter even though you were disagreeing with me, I hope you think my response
is just as respectful. I'd be interested in hearing your response to my letter, so please drop me a line back. Thanks

P.S. BONUS Slayer are dummies!!! My friend who does a zine called Rumpshaker got hooked up with
an interview with Slayer. As the interview ended Tom Araya said, "See ya later faggot". My friend Eric is
convinced that it was used as a term of affection. Hmmm. What says you?

jerky jerk
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